BlackBerry could be getting ready to announce a gold version of the BlackBerry Passport, it's claimed.

The world has already seen black and porcelain white versions of the BlackBerry Passport, and many reports speculated BlackBerry would eventually launch a gold version. Although BlackBerry still hasn't confirmed anything, newly-leaked images have revealed the company's flagship device will soon be available in gold.

CrackBerry has posted images of the yet-to-be-announced device with a gold and black color scheme, though it couldn't determine whether it was directly created by BlackBerry. In other words, a third-party company could have customised the Passport shown in images. Still, you might be able to one day buy a gold Passport or get it altered.

The BlackBerry Passport breaks smartphone design tradition and offers something we've never seen the likes of before: a square display in a device with (you guessed it) a passport-sized footprint. Keep in mind Pocket-lint thought of the BlackBerry Passport as a bit perplexing and noted it was hard to get beyond the chunky design.

That said, BlackBerry claimed it sold over 200,000 units within a couple days of launching the smartphone. Check out the gallery below for more screenshots of the gold version.

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