Blackbery's latest smartphone, which is perfect for Instagram snaps, will cost less than $600 when it launches in the US this week.

The Wall Street Journal has reported the BlackBerry Passport smartphone will go on sale Wednesday in the US for $599 without subsidies. You can expect that price tp differ elsewhere, depending on country as well as things like taxes and tarrifs.

John Chen, the CEO of BlackBerry, admitted in an interview that the Passport, which noticably features a square screen, is lower-priced than similar handsets from rivals in order to garner market interest. Apple's iPhone 6, for instance, costs $649 without a contract, and Samsung's Galaxy S5 is about $650 in the US.

Earlier this month, BlackBerry announced three invite-only press events scheduled for 24 September. The company didn't reveal at the time what exactly it planned to unveil, but it offered many anxious fans and consumers the following teaser tagline: “See The Bigger Picture".

It was widely assumed the company would debut the Passport, with a square 4.5-inch (1440×1440-pixel resolution) display. The device first appeared in June, when BlackBerry slipped details about it during a live-streamed meeting for financial results. Since then, almost everything about the phone has been detailed.

Chen told The Wall Street Journal that the Passport's screen size and high resolution allows users to view 60 characters on each line, and that the device's battery will last 36 hours. Other features include a large antenna for better reception and a keyboard component that can be used for scrolling through content.

Chen also confirmed the Passport will launch simultaneously at events in Toronto, London, and Dubai on 24 September, and it'll be available immediately in some stores.

The company further plans to release its Classic smartphone in December. It should attract fans of BlackBerry's keyboard and email services.

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