BlackBerry has announced three invite-only press events scheduled for 24 September.

The company didn't reveal what exactly it planned to unveil at the press events located in Toronto, London, and Dubai, but it offered any anxious fans and consumers the following teaser tagline: “See The Bigger Picture".

It's widely assumed the company might soon debut the BlackBerry Passport, a smartphone with a square 4.5-inch (1440×1440-pixel resolution) display. The device first appeared in June, when BlackBerry quietly slipped details about it during a live-streamed special meeting for financial results.

The company had presented a slideshow to go along with upcoming product announcements and subsequently revealed the Passport would feature a display perfect for Instagram users as well as a physical QWERTY keyboard. Since then, practically everything about the phone has been detailed.

blackberry ‘see the bigger picture’ event set for 24 september possibly for passport  image 2

BlackBerry's late-September events therefore won't reveal too much in terms of hardware or specifications, if they are indeed for debuting the Passport, but at least we'll finally know more about price, release time frame, and carrier availability.