BlackBerry has used Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona to announce the BlackBerry Q20, a new Qwerty keyboard device.

The BlackBerry Q20 is also being called the "Classic", with reference to its classic BlackBerry keyboard design and layout.

As such, the BlackBerry Q20 will bring back that central waistband of controls between the display and the keyboard, offering menu, back, send and end, as well as a trackpad.

There's little more to reveal about the BlackBerry Q20 at the moment. BlackBerry confirms it will have the Qwerty keyboard with frets, as well as come with a 3.5-inch display, growing over the 3.1-inch of the Q10, and run BB10. 

The BlackBerry Q20 will be "crafted from premium materials", says BlackBerry, and we're hoping it keeps the luscious glassfibre weave back of the previous Q10 device.

The BlackBerry Q20 will be available in the second half of 2014, but we're awaiting confirmation on pricing, specs and availability.