The much-rumoured 64-bit octa-core BlackBerry smartphone is coming this year, not 2015, Pocket-lint can reveal. A trusted source, who has been right on BlackBerry matters in the past, told us the phone is currently slated for September 2014.

Our source also confirmed that it will definitely have a 64-bit processor ("100 per cent") and that OpenGL 3 is coming to the platform too.

Advanced OpenGL support could potentially improve the graphics rendering, shading and 3D objects. BlackBerry has utilised OpenGL in BlackBerry 10 smartphones before, but this is a significant step up in features for developers to make use of.

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Previous rumours about the octa-core handset, which is yet to be named by any source, claim that it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8994 running at 2.5GHz per core.

BlackBerry is also said to be working on several mid-range handsets, one speculated to be the BlackBerry Ontario and the others in new W and B-series line-ups. We haven't heard any more about them from our source. Yet.