BlackBerry has issued a maintenance release for BlackBerry 10.1 in several countries around the world which adds even more features and fixes. It is now available as a free download in Europe, Middle East, Africa, most regions in Asia, Australia and surrounding areas, and BlackBerry's homeland Canada.

It will be coming to the US at the "end of the summer" and in Latin America starting in mid-August. Some countries are only just getting the original BB 10.1 update at the moment.

BlackBerry brings several key new features, including changes to the BlackBerry Hub. Enhancements include gesture control to quickly move to last or next messages, a new function whereby BlackBerry Q10 users can just tap the "u" key to jump to the last unread message, and new syncing preferences that allow users to keep IMAP or ActiveSync emails on their phones for an unlimited period.

BlackBerry World has introduced new search improvements and a wish list feature. BlackBerry Balance lets you split work and personal accounts into different views in the BlackBerry Hub. And there are plenty of other additions and fixes.

The update also upgrades Facebook, LinkedIn and other apps.

It is available as an over-the-air patch.