BlackBerry 10 owners may be getting some added functionality with the arrival of 10.2, with new leaked screenshots showing a range of additional features.

The most notable, to us, is enhanced notifications that you can immediately action. Currently, BB 10 offers a range of LED, vibrate and sound alerts, but doesn't go as far as Android, which offers fully-actionable notifications in abundance.

The toast notifications, which are an option on Windows Phone 8 for example, will give you a pop-over indicator to alert you that something has happened. You'll also be able to action them directly, so you can reply to a message without swiping your way back to BlackBerry Hub for example.

You'll also be able to use Wi-Fi Direct to create a direct link to another BB user's device, as well as an app manager to keep an eye on what's going on in your device.

The screenshots come from a BlackBerry Q10, the Qwerty-equipped device that went on sale in April 2013.

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There's no confirmed date for when the next update will be coming to BlackBerry devices, but with a brand new platform, it still feels like BlackBerry is playing catch-up with Windows Phone and the other smartphone platforms. More pictures from the leak can be found at the source below.