BlackBerry looks to be sticking with its promise of six BlackBerry 10 handsets this year. A new leak shows off BlackBerry's latest entry-level to mid-range handset, that looks to be a scaled-down version of the flagship BlackBerry Z10. Could this be a "BlackBerry Z5", perhaps?

Publication BerryFlow obtained the images of the handset, but didn't provide many details on naming or specifications. It isn't very clear what BlackBerry's mission is with this handset is. A budget touchscreen aimed at emerging markets might make sense. 

Of course, this could turn out to be a fake render, but we have to ask, who would take the time to Photoshop an entry-level BlackBerry handset? And to create a second render in 3D to give a further idea that the original one exists? Seems a lot of effort to us. The next iPhone, sure, but not a phone that's unlikely to even make it to many markets.

So we'll leave it to you readers. What do you think BlackBerry wants to do with this handset? Just another for its six device arsenal.