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(Pocket-lint) - BlackBerry allegedly plans to launch its next flagship smartphone, called the BlackBerry A10, in time for the Christmas holiday.

CNET reported on Wednesday that BlackBerry's forthcoming all-touchscreen handset - pegged as the high-end successor to the Z10 - will sport the next-generation BlackBerry 10 operating system. 

The report also said BlackBerry hopes the A10, previously codenamed Aristo, will "keep up with the likes of the next iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4". BlackBerry apparently wants to "cater to consumers of varying income levels" by pushing the Z10 and Q10 to mid-tier and Q5 to the lowest tier. 

Citing a person familiar with the carrier's launch plans, CNET said US carrier Sprint Nextel, which passed on the Z10, plans to offer the A10 in November - but not as a top-tier device. AT&T and Verizon might step up, however, since Sprint does not have an exclusive agreement with Blackberry.

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There are no pictures of the A10 currently available, and CNET further warned that the device's final name could still change.

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BlackBerry first announced in January that it plans to release a total of six BlackBerry 10 handsets on different carriers worldwide during 2013. The full range of devices will fall under various pricing tiers and offer a bevy of features that may appeal to specific sets of users. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.