While BlackBerry 10.1 is still in beta stages, that's not stopping the Canada-based BlackBerry from getting to work on the following version. BlackBerry product manager Michael Clewley shared changes that BlackBerry 10.2 will bring when speaking to CrackBerry. 

Clewley says you'll be able to set a time to remember an item, send Emojis in messages, set multiple alarms, and receive "level 1 notifications". The executive was light on details or other features, but we appreciate the tease.

The new features are set to hit in the BlackBerry 10.2 beta SDK in June and in a release to the masses by the end of 2013. 

As for BlackBerry 10.1, betas have suggested we'll see HDR photo options, new help demos upon first boot for new users, ability to turn off alerts for specific apps, BlackBerry World coupon redemption and the ability to paste phone numbers right into the phone application. No word on a release, but it can't be too far off.