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(Pocket-lint) - Remember the crazy QNX-powered Bentley Continental GTC at CES? BlackBerry brought it out on stage at the BlackBerry Live conference in Orlando, Florida, to show off one of its new functions.

The car, which has an entertainment system powered entirely by BlackBerry 10, is able to make video calls from phone to vehicle. It features a large 17-inch digital light projection touchscreen which is able to receive calls as well as run things like GPS and let you read your emails. 

BlackBerry's Vivek Bhardwaj, the company's head of software portfolio, conducted a video call with CEO Thorsten Heins while he was sitting in the car. 

While the Bentley is obviously a concept, it does show just what is possible when it comes to in-car technology. Tesla already has a large in-car touchscreen in its Model S, which has received top-notch reviews since its launch.

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BlackBerry had even designed a clever feature that will switch a video call to voice call in the car, should you start driving. This way you aren't distracted by the large 17-inch face chatting away to you on the car's screen. 

In-car touchscreens and top-end infotainment systems have become increasingly impressive of late. If you are yet to see what the Tesla Model S is capable of, then it's worth taking a look at our hands-on

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.