Fans of the exclusive will enjoy the £1,597 BlackBerry Q10 being put together by Goldgenie. The company, which is known for its outlandish treatment of conventional smartphones, has previously launched the likes of a white gold iPhone 5, priced at just under £2k. 

The gold BlackBerry Q10 comes SIM-free and unlocked, and sports the same features as the standard Q10. The difference is that the phone is wrapped in a 24ct gold bezel and comes in a special luxury finish box. 

At £1,597, it sits at the top of the current smartphone price range. Goldgenie has also given the more-pricey Porsche Design P9981 a seeing to. Again, the phone is wrapped in a 24ct gold bezel. The price this time? A neat £4,397.

Of course, you could just choose to pick up the BlackBerry Q10 SIM-free in conventional guise for £534. The phone, which we think is BlackBerry's best Qwerty handset yet, will get a white version soon, but is already available in traditional BlackBerry black.