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(Pocket-lint) - The BlackBerry Q10 is now on sale. For many, it is the BlackBerry 10 handset they have long been waiting for; the Z10 is certainly fun and brings BlackBerry up to date with the competition, but without a QWERTY keyboard it loses part of what a BlackBerry is all about. For those considering picking one up, why not take a look at our full review first.

Still interested? Read on to find out all the deals, prices and availability. We've spoken to a number of those who will be stocking the phone, so here's the shopping details on BlackBerry's next big hitter. Oh and if you do pick one up, then we have a great accessories piece that is also worth looking at. 


Vodafone has the handset available for free on a £30.83 per month 24-month contract. This will net you 1GB of data and unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. From there, monthly pricing goes up with the amount of data you have to play with increasing each time.

Alternatively, if you decide to cough up £107 for the phone in advance, you can nab a £27.50 per month 24-month contract - which offers 600 minutes of talktime, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. Business and 12-month contracts are also available.

Vodafone is highlighting the BlackBerry Q10 as one of its "4G-ready" handsets, meaning it will work on the network's new 4G service when launched later this year. You can order the phone on the Vodafone shop website now.


The phone can be had on O2 for free at £37 per month with unlimited minutes to play with, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. Paying £47 per month will get you the same deal, but with 4GB of data to use. 

Alternatively if you prefer to take on a bit of the cost of the handset, then stumping up £129 will get you the phone on a £32 per month deal for 24 months, with unlimited minutes and texts and 1GB of data to use. You can check out all the O2 BlackBerry Q10 deals on the O2 shop

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Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse has the BlackBerry Q10 up for grabs at prices starting at £33 per month for free on Vodafone. This gets you 600 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data for 24 months. Alternatively you can go for Three, which has the same pricing setup but with the 500 minutes and 5000 texts. Both deals include a Bluetooth stereo speaker.

Paying out a bit more, say £36 per month and you can have unlimited minutes and texts with 1GB of data on Orange. If you fancy something a touch speedier, the handset is up for sale on EE at £41 per month, with 1GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts. Head to Carphone Warehouse's website to see the full range of deals. 

Phones 4u

Pricing here pretty much mirrors the Carphone Warehouse deals. The main difference we can spot is that the basic Vodafone deals are a touch more pricey. The handset is £33 per month, with a £29 up front cost and 600 minutes and unlimited texts for example, with 500mb of data and 2GB of Wi-Fi. 

If you fancy investigating Phones 4u's offerings, then they can be found here. Worth noting as well that both Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u will be stocking the handset in white. 

EE, T-Mobile, Orange

Right now, the BlackBerry Q10 is available on all these networks. The issue is, that we can't find them on each network's respective website. However you can still get the Q10 on the above mobile phone networks, you just need to either do it through the Phones 4U or Carphone Warehouse website. 


Three has announced that the Q10 is now available on its Ultrafast network. It is available both online and in-store from £35 per month on the Ultimate Internet 500 plan with an up-front price of £49.  Or £37 per month, with a £49 per month up-front cost, when taking the The One plan. Both come with all-you-can-eat data, but differ in the amount of included minutes.

One of the features Three is highlighting with its package is that when its 4G service goes live "later this year" your monthly fee will not go up.

Its Q10 page was yet to go live when we checked, but you should be able to find it here shortly.


Selfridges has the BlackBerry Q10 in stock, with it going on sale originally exclusively at the central London store. It is still on sale at Selfridges naturally, but can now be picked up at other regular phone retailers also. 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.