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(Pocket-lint) - BBM Music will close on 2 June, less than two years after the launch of the socially geared music service. BlackBerry does, however, say that the date is "subject to change".

In a message to those who coughed up the monthly fees to access the service, BlackBerry says: "BBM Music service will be discontinued as of 2 June 2013. For paying customers, April is the last month that you will be billed. In May, as your BBM contacts stop using the service, songs in your playlists will begin to turn grey and will no longer be available."

The service, which launched against Spofity and a host of other music platforms, promised to take a different approach by allowing users to expand the number of tracks available to you by sharing music with friends.

"Every friend you add gives you the ability to listen to another 50 tracks," Pocket-lint wrote at the time of the launch in August 2011. "Users who share with 10 other users, for example, will be able to access and play 500 tracks a month all for the same $4.99." 

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BlackBerry suggests Rdio, which has just launched a video-streaming service too, as a replacement - although Rdio, strangely, doesn't have a BlackBerry 10 app.

After the end of the service, BlackBerry recommends you delete the app: "After the service is discontinued, we recommend that you delete the app from your BlackBerry smartphone."

Readers who are using the service can do that by doing the following:

1. On the home screen, click Options.
2. Click Device > Application Management.
3. Select the BBM Music app.
4. Press the Menu key > Delete.

Writing by Stuart Miles.