BlackBerry 10's Android runtime technology is to be updated to Jelly Bean. The runtime layer is designed to let you use Android-produced apps on BlackBerry 10 devices. But at the moment only Gingerbread -ompatible apps are supported.

The company confirmed the update was coming at its BlackBerry Jam developer conference in Amsterdam. It should help further bolster BlackBerry's significant efforts at bringing top of the range applications to its new smartphone operating system.

At the moment, those with Z10 handsets can sideload Gingerbread-based applications. There is no release date for the Jelly Bean update. If you think of the Android runtime like an emulator, the Z10's current version is fairly outdated, so this update is a big deal.

Along with the Jelly Bean update plans, BlackBerry also announced a special edition red version of the Z10 handset for developers, as well as the Dev Alpha C devices for getting apps ready for the Q10. 

We will have more from the BlackBerry Jam developer conference as it unfolds.