Singer and music artist Alicia Keys has been signed by BlackBerry - formerly RIM - to be the brand's global creative director.

She will be using the newly released BlackBerry 10 smartphone BlackBerry Z10 to document her experiences when on her global tour, and will be consulting on future BlackBerry projects.

However, during the BlackBerry 10 launch event in New York, she revealed that she had been swayed by the competition in recent years. Although she used to use a BlackBerry in her daily life, she said, her attention was taken away by "other phones" with more "bling".

Now that the Z10 has been launched, it has attracted her back - along with the buckets of cash, we reckon. Naturally.

Her appointment will bear immediate fruit for BlackBerry, as Alicia Keys will be performing at the Superbowl, the grandstand American football showcase, this weekend. "It will be with me this Sunday at the Superbowl," she said.