You'd have to live in a cave not to know that RIM's new mobile device operating system, BlackBerry 10, was launching today. A cave with no doors, windows or internet connection.

At 3pm UK time, the company will be hosting launch events across the globe and we'll finally get to see the new software and two smartphones that will lead its charge. However, one new element has already launched, with the company's refreshed and expanded app store now available.

BlackBerry World is now RIM's answer to iTunes - something Pocket-lint reported a couple of days ago - with music and video downloads joining applications. And with the new service going live this morning, we can now see how that's going to work.

The company has signed numerous deals with all the major labels and studios in their respective industries, and thus offers music tracks, movies and TV shows. At present, while the UK has access to the music library, the video section is yet to go live - we were promised it for launch, however, so it will be a matter of hours not days.

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In the States, videos are available to buy or rent immediately. RIM is promising that movies will appear on the service the day the DVD or Blu-ray is released, and it certainly has some major films from day one. The Dark Knight Rises, Ted, Bourne Legacy and Taken 2 are all available and prices differ depending on studio, it seems.

For example, Bourne Legacy is $16.99 to buy, $4.99 to rent, whereas Ted is $19.99 to buy, but only $3.99 to rent.

There are plenty of TV shows already available too, including all five series of Breaking Bad to buy for $1.99 per show. There doesn't seem to be any way to rent TV shows.

Another draw for the new BlackBerry World is that, under the games section, Angry Birds Star Wars is available for 75p (99 cents). It will take triple-A titles like that to increase interest in the new BlackBerry 10 OS.

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