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(Pocket-lint) - The UK High Street is primed for the launch of the BlackBerry Z10. Pocket-lint has spoken to a number of stores to find out when they will be getting stock of the new RIM flagship phone. 

Several Vodafone stores in London have confirmed to Pocket-lint that stock of the new BlackBerry Z10 will be available to buy from Thursday 31 January - not 30 January as previously reported elsewhere.

We tried several of the network's high street outlets in the capital and they all confirmed the same thing - the phone will be launching on 30 January at the RIM event, but won't be in store to buy until the next day. 

And Vodafone isn't alone in that.  Phones4U stores told Pocket-lint that it would be getting stock in by the weekend. EE stores weren't so forthcoming, but did tell us they were  being trained on the new handset, so expect EE to be stocking it shortly. 

That's slightly later than reported in the leaked document that appeared on Monday, which said the new phone would be in store from the moment it was announced. But even getting them into users' hands the next day is still fantastic news for RIM - many believed customers would have to wait some time for the phone to be available.  

The leaked document, from someone claiming to be "a Vodafone employee", appeared online last night and revealed more than just the on sale day for the BlackBerry Z10.

Published by The Verge from an "anonymous" source, the internal communication - if genuine - showed that Vodafone staff were being told they were allowed to start selling BlackBerry 10 devices from the moment that RIM's official global press event was due to end (the announcement starts at 3pm UK time), but that differs from what we've been told in person by shop employees. It also clearly states: "No BB10 devices must be opened or sold before this time."

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The other small nugget of interesting information in the document is that, unlike other BlackBerry devices, BB10 doesn't require an additional BlackBerry SOC for internet access, it will work on a conventional smartphone plan like its peers.

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Finally, according to the leaked document, the first version to be available through Vodafone will be the black variant. A white version will be available "mid-February". There will be no PAYG devices on launch, only pay monthly.

You can follow the BB10 launch event here on Pocket-lint, as we will bring you all the news and hands-ons with the devices from the announcement. 

Writing by Rik Henderson.