BlackBerry App World has a new look and a new name. Now called BlackBerry World, the desktop version of the renamed store is already live. RIM is going to start rolling out the BlackBerry World name to smartphones and the PlayBook, as well, we presume, as BlackBerry 10 devices.

The new name is part of a move to tighten things up for BlackBerry 10, and should also allow you to download music and movies to the BB10.

blackberry app world redesigned and renamed blackberry world image 2

Content is divided up into channels, with games getting its own dedicated channel as well as apps and themes. Anything you find interesting can be shared via Facebook and Twitter as well as with NFC between BlackBerry phones.

BlackBerry has big plans for apps with BB10. Last weekend BlackBerry World gained 15,000 new apps in one sitting as RIM set free the fruit of its "port-a-thon" competition. The competition rewarded developers with $100 for porting their applications to the BB10 platform.

Expect to see the new-look BlackBerry World on BB10 devices when they launch on 30 January. In the meantime, you can check out the desktop version of BlackBerry World here