(Pocket-lint) - We've seen plenty of leaked photos of the BlackBerry Z10, and now we get to see what the BlackBerry Z10 photo capabilities are like, thanks to a photo discovered on flickr.

In what is clearly a gaff by the user who, didn't really grasp that by uploading a picture to flickr, the details and conditions of the photo would be shared for all to see - the account has now been deleted - the photo above has been shot using the BlackBerry Z10.

The BBZ10 is the expected and much-rumoured new BlackBerry 10 all-touchscreen phone announcing on the 30 January.

According to the EXIF data on the photo, the photo was shot with the RIM Blackberry 10 on 13 January with an aperture of f/2.2 and a focal length of 4.1mm (31mm in 35mm format). The ISO speed was 60 and the flash didn't fire even though the user had flash set at auto (the picture is on a beach so we wouldn't expect it to). The phone is running the BlackBerry operating system.

Shot in Florida, the picture quality is very good, although given the perfect light we wouldn't expect anything less. Still if this sample is anything to go by, the BBZ10's camera capabilities look promising.

Pocket-lint will be reporting live from the global BlackBerry 10 launch in London on 30 January.

Writing by Stuart Miles.