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(Pocket-lint) - No sooner had we written that we fully expect leaks and rumours about the forthcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones to ramp up before the official unveiling on 30 January, than even more leaked pictures appear of one of the devices.

This time it's the BlackBerry Z10 (aka L-Series). We've seen plenty of purported images of this handset over the last few weeks and now Arabic-language website fou6an.com has supplied more - of a device stamped with a "not for sale" strap at the top.

More interesting, perhaps, is that one of the pictures posted - of an iPhone 5 - is claimed to have been taken with the Z10's own rear camera. The site doesn't state what the resolution of the camera is, only that it is a "fair resolution camera with face recognition and flash".

blackberry l series z10 revealed in yet more pictures including test image taken with new phone s camera image 8

Picture of iPhone 5 purported to have been taken using the BlackBerry Z10's camera

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Other details listed by the taker of the pics reveal that the BlackBerry 10 handset will come with 16GB of storage space, 2GB RAM, an internet browser that supports Flash, HD screen and BB Messenger.

To be honest, little of that is new information, but it's nice to see even more examples of what the device will look like in the flesh when it is launched at the end of the month.

Writing by Rik Henderson.