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(Pocket-lint) - There's still over a month to go until the official unveiling of the two handsets it is widely believed RIM will launch with BlackBerry 10 at its press event, so we're certain there will be plenty of speculation, rumour and more than the odd leak or two before then.

The latest comes from Unwired View, which claims that the name of the touchscreen handset, commonly regarded as the BlackBerry L-Series, will in fact be the BlackBerry Z10. In addition, as well as the black colour scheme that's been seen in numerous leaked pictures - including some of RIM's own doing - there will be a white variant. There's even a picture (seemingly from official RIM materials) to back up the claim.

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It makes sense because the touchscreen-only device is very much looking like a direct iPhone rival, so why not offer the same options?

blackberry l series bb10 phone to be blackberry z10 and come in white too image 2

RIM is also believed to be announcing a more traditonal BlackBerry device at the event, one with a Qwerty keyboard. Many speculate that, given that the touchscreen handset will be the Z10, the other will be named BlackBerry X10.

We'll bring you the official details when RIM holds its event on 30 January.

Writing by Rik Henderson.