Vietnamese website has done it again. The site that has managed to spring more leaks than a galleon shipping a consignment of wood worm. This time it claims to have got its hands on a BlackBerry L-Series, the new BB 10 flagship device not expected to be announced until 30 January 2013.

And, we have to say, the site has taken some great pictures and a splendid hands-on video of the phone previously known as the BlackBerry London. Of course, they may turn out to be nonsense, or of a prototype, but somehow we don't think so.

For a start, the rear of the device in the photographs and video clip is remarkably similar to the one shown in RIM's own unwitting leak, when a press picture turned up in BlackBerry Dev Alpha code released this week.

The pics also comply with previous leaked images, so, unless they too were of a prototype device, we can be confident that this is definitely the new BlackBerry non-Qwerty keyboard phone that's being launched next month.

We certainly hope so, it looks mighty tasty if tinhte's hands-on evidence is anything to go by.