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(Pocket-lint) - It started with a teaser of the new BB 10 device on RIMs website, and now the same image has been found, in full, in the BlackBerry Dev Alpha code released this week. 

Like the teaser, one of the new images is just the back of the new BB 10 smartphone expected to be announced at the end of January. But still, if you are excited by BlackBerry 10 we just know you'll be going ga-ga over any snippet of information. 

Discovered by @MujibAzizi on Twitter, before being picked up by BlackBerry news site CrackBerry.com the official photo/render doesn't tell us much, aside from the fact that the phone will be tall and long. 

What does tell us a little more is a render of the front of the phone, running in simulation mode. If the images are correct - and there is no reason to expect they aren't - in a second later Tweet, @MujibAzizi posts a video on YouTube of the emulator showing the front on the new phone. 

Both images tie-in with previous leaked photos. Basically this looks for all intents purposes to be the real deal.

We will keep you posted. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.