BlackBerry 10 devices will go on sale around the world in February, according to Kristian Tear, chief operating officer at Research In Motion.

In a series of interviews on Tuesday, Tear confirmed multiple times that although the company has announced the BlackBerry 10 launch event as being on 30 January, the company won't ship handsets around the world until some time in February, possibly the end of February. 

“We want to do it as quickly as possible,” Tear said in an interview with Bloomberg, suggesting to the news agency that the "first phones won’t go on sale simultaneously worldwide. RIM is aiming for a release on multiple continents within 30 days of the unveiling."

That puts BlackBerry 10 in consumers' hands slightly later than perhaps expected, but fairly soon after the launch.

BlackBerry had confirmed that it will be releasing two smartphones running its new operating system BlackBerry 10 on 30 January.

The company is hoping the new smartphones and operating system will turn around its rocky future of late.