(Pocket-lint) - Perhaps he didn’t get the memo, but a RIM employee has given a video demo of a new BlackBerry 10 L-Series device ahead of launch.

The video appears to have been shot at a trade show in Mexico, with the employee giving a full demonstration of the unnamed touchscreen device’s camera, app store and virtual keyboard.

Thanks to the overzealous hands-on briefing, we get to see BlackBerry 10’s perfect photo feature, that enables the user to go back and forth in time by a mere millisecond, ensuring your photo is not ruined by a blink or sneeze. We also see how letters can be “flicked” on to the screen from the virtual keyboard.

It’s unclear what the name of the device is – we’d welcome any Spanish translations – but speculation is that RIM’s first L-Series phone (the name given to all of RIM’s touchscreen BlackBerry 10 devices) will be London. Perhaps this is our first “official” glimpse at the BlackBerry London in action.

It’s not the first time RIM has seen a video of its L-Series leak online, having quickly removed one from Vimeo last month. We’d expect the same to happen with this video too, so be sure to check it out sooner rather than later.

Writing by Danny Brogan.