Thorsten Heins, CEO of RIM, believes we are moving into a post-PC era, echoing comments from Apple over the past couple of years.

“You won’t carry these laptops with you,” he told the roomful of journalists, all tapping away at their laptops.

Heins said that in the future people won't use laptops as we all slowly shift to smartphone and tablet devices.

His comments came in direct response to questions on how he and the company aim to tackle Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems - seen by many as his closest competitor for the number 3 smartphone spot.

Talking up BlackBerry 10 at the company's developer conference in San Jose, the CEO said he believed in a ubiquitous experience between a tablet and smartphone, but not any further.

The idea of a post-PC world is one that Apple has been pushing for some time, but it goes against Microsoft's pitch of a ubiquitous experience across all devices you own from your laptop, to phone, to tablet, to even your games console.

Not surprisingly RIM believes it has will have the best offering of a smartphone and tablet combo on the market with the new BlackBerry 10 devices and the PlayBook.