RIM is working on its own version of Instagram that will come preloaded on BlackBerry 10 devices.

Rather than a downloadable app, the software will be part of all BlackBerry 10 devices as standard and could even be rolled out before then as an update to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

With no Instagram app currently available for BlackBerry users, RIM's photo editing software will enable a similar experience - allowing the user to add filters, frames and transformations to any snaps they take with their BlackBerry device to give them a retro or arty look.

rim working on blackberry 10 photo filtering suite to rival instagram image 2

The software is set to be developed by Scalado, the imaging specialists recently bought by Nokia and which is responsible for RIM’s "back and forth in time" camera shot demoed on BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices at BlackBerry World in May.

Instagram has proved such a hit among consumers that Facebook is in the process of buying the app for $1 billion.

How well will RIM’s alternative photo filtering suite bear up? We’ll have to wait until at least 2013 after the manufacturer delayed the release of BlackBerry 10 to find out - unless we get a preview on the BlackBerry PlayBook of course.

Is this the kind of innovation that can pull RIM back from the brink? Tell us what you think...