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(Pocket-lint) - RIM’s BlackBerry Fusion is now available on the iOS and Android platforms, so the likes of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S II will be able to access RIM’s business services.

Previously, only BlackBerry users were able to access the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but with more and more employees using one device for both business and pleasure - more often than not a non-Blackberry device - RIM has decided to broaden Fusion’s reach.

BlackBerry Fusion provides a unified platform approach across multiple devices, something the manufacturer hopes will keep RIM’s business services relevant.

It’s a risky strategy that seems to suggest RIM recognises that it is losing customers, be they consumers or professionals, to rival manufacturers.

By opening up BlackBerry Fusion to other platforms, RIM hopes to keep its business services relevant, particularly as many existing corporations and governments already use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, in part because of its high-security measures.

Apple and Android users will be able to download the Mobile Fusion Client app from the Apple App Store and Android Market respectively, which in turn will enable the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion management services.

Despite this strategical corporate move, RIM recently denied claims that it was turning its back on the consumer market.

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RIM: We are not withdrawing from consumer market

Writing by Danny Brogan.