If any further proof was needed that Research in Motion is losing its grip on the professional market and aiming its handsets squarely at the "yoofs" then surely the launch of The Bold Team is it.

A bunch of cartoon superheroes, The Naff Team, sorry - The Bold Team - are "bravely stepping out of 2011 and into 2012 filled with unlimited possibilities". Exactly. We're pretty sure we can put our fingers on the context of The Bold Team's aims.

RIM has seen its share price fall by over 75 per cent in the last year following a number of underwhelming product launches and, what the Financial Times describes as, "a series of management missteps and earnings shortfalls".

We think perhaps The Bold Team represent new CEO Thorsten Heins. Or at least one of them, probably Trudy Foreal - The Authentic - who is "Not afraid to call it as she sees it".

The Bold Team are based on new year's resolutions made by New Yorkers using the #BeBold hashtag to state their aims and objectives for the new year. We're just not sure they have the super powers needed to turn the Canadian company's fortunes around though.