In the same week that BlackBerry lost its trademark battle over the name of its new BBX operating system, we get our first look at one of the devices that the software will be loaded up on to.

The BlackBerry Milan will be one of the first QNX devices to land from Research in Motion next year, and will run the now called BlackBerry 10 OS. The Milan is one of a number of geographic codenamed devices that has leaked, in name form at least, along with the London, Lisbon and Nevada.

There are no spec details at present, but it is plain to see that we're looking at a portrait slider phone with full QWERTY and a fairly voluptuous looking display. The rumour mill suggests it could even rival the iPhone's display in terms of pixel density.

There's a lack of the usual BlackBerry button fun going on too - with the start and end call buttons gone and not an optical trackpad in sight, which echoes the approach of the BlackBerry PlayBook. 

We're not too sure about the angled edges at the bottom though, however judging by the popularity of the Porsche designed BlackBerry Bold, maybe this is a new look. 

When we exclusively interviewed RIMs head of Design, Todd Wood, earlier in the year, he said the new models, which were brainstormed in a design workshop session in Malmo, Sweden, would be “Charming, whimsical, and fun” according to Wood, suggesting a very different direction from the company. This design, if real, follows those ideas. 

No official word as of yet from RIM, we'll keep you posted as to when we know more.