Vodafone has announced that it will be the exclusive UK stockist for the white BlackBerry Bold 9900.

It can't be just a ploy to stick the boot in on Apple fanboys any longer as the Cupertino collective seems to have cracked the white handset debacle that blighted it for so long, so it must be that smartphone users have a genuine fetish for their devices all dressed up in white.

BlackBerry, of course, loves taking its handsets to a paler shade - we've seen the colour toned down for the white BlackBerry Torch and the white BlackBerry Bold 9780, amongst others, in the past and now it's the 9900's turn.

Like the original black version (and the pimped up gold version too) the 9900 blanc is 10.5mm thick and packs a 1.2GHz processor, BlackBerry 7 OS, a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen controls, and also boasts NFC capabilities.

It has a 2.8-inch display, with a 640x480 resolution that sits above the QWERTY and has 8GB of internal storage - expandable by 40GB with microSD. The camera is a 5-megapixel one with 720p video shooting features.

It's available for free on £39, 24-month price plans where you'll get 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 750MB of mobile data.

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