In July RIM announced BBM 6, bringing BBM connected apps to the party, and now the first major update (v6.0.1) has gone live.

Back in March, RIM opened up for third parties to tap into the BBM phenomenon with the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform, which paved the way for BBM 6. This gave Java developers the opportunity to integrate the popular communication platform into their apps.

BBM 6 added access to the messaging platform without ever leaving an app. For example, it allowed you to chat during a game app, making gaming a more social experience. The update takes that one step further by introducing the Explore BBM-connected Apps menu. This will give BBMers easy access to the 25 most popular BBM-connected apps available.

blackberry messenger update makes app sharing easy image 3

Sharing app content just got easier too with the option to share with all your BBM buddies, not just those who have downloaded specific apps and you can now invite BBM v5.0 to join in the fun.

BlackBerry Messenger is incredibly popular with teenagers, who often choose BlackBerry devices over iPhones and Android handsets because of the inclusion of the platform. The move to open up the BBM APIs has meant a wealth of apps with BBM features built in.

The experience is now in full swing and you can download the latest version of BBM direct from the BlackBerry website.