RIM has just issued written explanation on its blog stating that PlayBook customers waiting for its PlayBook 2.0 OS update will have to wait a little longer, as it will now launch in February 2012. Not only that but the much sought-after BBM service for the PlayBook tablet has now been deferred, "to a subsequent BlackBerry PlayBook OS release".

This comes after RIM launched and detailed its new OS at the Devcon event in San Francisco, although no date was given for a customer release, a 4-month wait certainly wasn't expected.

RIM's explanation is basically that it wants to get the OS update just right, and we can understand its need for success after BBM and other BlackBerry services went down in early October - another mistake could be very costly.

As RIM states: "As much as we’d love to have it in your hands today, we’ve made the difficult decision to wait to launch BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 until we are confident we have fully met the expectations of our developers, enterprise customers and end-users."

Better news comes for developers as RIM says it is pushing the gold release of the native SDK: "We are excited to now be providing developers with the gold release of the native SDK for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as well as a beta of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 (launched last week at BlackBerry DevCon Americas). The developer beta allows developers to begin porting their native apps to the PlayBook platform."

RIM needs people to start getting excited about its BlackBerry PlayBook as it's now near enough a year since launch with no real momentum to the platform - shame because it's a cracking tablet.