Research In Motion has announced BBX at Devcon in San Francisco on Tuesday as it looks to merge its phone and tablet operating systems together.

The new platform promises a single unified platform for the company’s smartphones, tablets, embed devices in cars, as well as enterprise, and cloud services.

“We will support all open source platforms on the operating system,” explained Dan Dodge the man behind QNX at Research In Motion.

The hope is that developers will be drawn to the open platform plugging a gap that RIM has struggled with to date.

Part of that shift to appeasing developers is to really embrace HTML 5 for apps rather than insisting developer build for a specific language. 

"We are really getting behind HTML5," said George Staikos, the man behind the company's browser technology at Research in Motion. 

The BBX platform will include BBX-OS, and will support BlackBerry cloud services and development environments for both HTML5 and native developers.

BBX will also support applications developed using any of the tools available today for the BlackBerry PlayBook – including Native SDK, Adobe AIR/Flash and WebWorks/HTML5, as well as the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps – on future BBX-based tablets and smartphones.

BBX will also include the new BlackBerry Cascades UI Framework for advanced graphics (shown for the first time today), and bring “Super App” capabilities to enable many advanced capabilities including deep integration between apps, always-on Push services, the BBM Social Platform, and much more.

bbx the one future platform for all blackberry users coming 2012 image 2

RIM has said that contray to popular belief the company’s subscriber base is still growing at an incredible rate.

BlackBerry has rattled off a number of stats to let everyone know that it isn’t doing as badly as you might think.

According to the company’s CEO the company now has 50m BlackBerry subscribers, a 40 per cent increase on the figures from last year and has seen a 80 per cent increase in BBM users up to 50m from 28m last year.

The BB stands for BlackBerry, while the Q will stand for QNX.

Research In Motion has said that new smartphones with BBX will be here in 2012. What we do know however is that it will look like the PlayBook user interface.