Research In Motion has given more information on why many of the company’s users have been without emails for the last 3 days, but has failed to say when the BlackBerry email service will be back to normal. 

Expanding on the details given on Tuesday night, RIM has said that the reason for the outage has been due to a data backlog of emails initially in Europe that is now starting to build in other regions around the world like the US.

"Some of the substantial queuing we've seen starting in Europe, as it has taken us time to get Europe back to a stable situation, has caused some impact in other geographies with messages bound for Europe," said David Yach, , CTO for software for RIM.

The "backlog" which meant that most in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East have been unable to get emails for almost 3 days has now started to affect America and other parts of the world as the BlackBerry email system fills up with emails from around the globe.

One solution to get the service up and running quickly would be to purge the email backlog, however RIM says that it will not be doing that, promising to deliver all the emails eventually. 

Yach assured those on the press call that "We have seen no evidence to suggest this was a breach or a hack."

RIM, who believed that it had been regularly updating its users on the situation, failed to say when the problem would be resolved.

"We have global teams working around the clock. It is our top priority to return services back to customers," said Yach.

UPDATE: RIM: Right now we’re letting you down, here's what's actually going on