The BlackBerry leak parade continues, this time with both the Torch 2 and the much rarer Monza 9860 making an appearance.

Vietnamese technology site Sohoa got its hands on the pair of RIM handsets and subsequently snapped a slew of hands on pics. Close ups of things like the Storm 3's 3.7-inch screen and sleek matte back are all featured.

Our Vietnamese isn't exactly the best, so here is what little stats we could gather. The 9860 is all metal, with a shiny border around the sides and back. It also has a rumoured 5-megapixel camera and flash on the back. On the left side of the handset is a MicroSD port, on top a 3.5mm headphone jack. The included touch screen also works better than previous generation Storms.

This isn't the first 9860 leak, with a rumoured full spec sheet being readily available on the interwebs. Similarly the Torch 2 has popped up aplenty throughout the blogosphere, meaning little else can be learned about the handset short of getting hold of one ourselves. 

The most interesting thing is exactly what BlackBerry OS 7 is going to entail and which handsets, the company continues to tease via its Twitter feed, will launch.