You may have already read on Pocket-lint how, over in Orlando at the BlackBerry World Conference, Research in Motion has unveiled its latest flagship handset - the BlackBerry Bold 9900 (or 9930 for CDMA users) - complete with the Canadian company's latest mobile platform, BlackBerry OS 7.

But for those RIM-fans who took the plunge and bought the latest BlackBerry handsets in 2010, including the OS 6 touting Curve 3G and Torch models, there's some bad news - your handset won't be making the jump to OS 7.

Pocket-lint was on hand at the Florida expo to hear BlackBerry bods confirm that the reason being is that the hardware on older models isn't up to the task of running the slick looking OS 7. The new Bold models have a 1.2GHz chip inside, almost double that of the Torch and Curve 3G's 624MHz.

Although OS 6.0 is a relatively new platform itself, that will be of scant consolation to BlackBerry users who would have been looking forward to 7's new BlackBerry Browser with JIT (just in time) JavaScript and HTML5 support. 

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