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(Pocket-lint) - Research in Motion has launched a new feature called BlackBerry Balance that will allow BlackBerry users to run personal and corporate accounts on their phones at the same time in the attempt to stop thousands of users having to carry two handsets with them wherever they are.

In a move to try and change the attitude that BlackBerry is “only for work”, the new offering will allow companies to set up their workers BlackBerrys without the fear of users copying content from their work account to their personal account.

However, rather than force people to switch between the two account options, they will be able to run both in a unified inbox with RIM worrying about the rest behind the scenes.

“BlackBerry Balance will prevent users from cutting, copying, and pasting work data into a personal application or email,” a BlackBerry spokesman said before adding that it will also “prevent users from forwarding corporate email, calendar, and PIM data through the Blackberry Internet Service.”

The new BlackBerry Balance feature will also prevent device backups, as well as allow your IT department to wipe only work data and applications when you leave without wiping your personal photos or data.

The new features will be available to all BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS 6 or above. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.