RIM looks set to fix it’s lack of a dedicated calendar on the BlackBerry Playbook after buying cloud-based, cross-platform, calendar management company Tungle.

“Today we are pleased to announce that Tungle has joined Research In Motion (RIM),” the company has confirmed.

If you’ve heard of Tungle, don’t panic, neither have we, however RIM tells us that it’s the “leading provider of cloud-based calendar and scheduling services that makes it easy for users to share their availability and schedule appointments regardless of their choice of desktop, mobile or cloud-based calendar.”

Tungle connects users on Google, Yahoo!, FaceBook, TripIt, Plancast, Outlook, iCal, LotusNotes, LotusLive, and WindowsLive joining the dots between various platforms.

RIM is hoping the move will allow BlackBerry users to be better aware of where they are supposed to be on time while forcing them to find a better excuse for explaining that they can’t be bothered to look in their calendar to see if they are free.

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