RIM looks set to launch a bevy of smartphones all touting touchscreen displays in the coming weeks if a slurry of leaks over the weekend are anything to go by.

First came word from Boy Genius Report that they had got their hands (although no hands are in the shots) on the yet to be announced BlackBerry Bold Touch, a touchscreen version of the company’s extremely popular BlackBerry Bold model.

BGR’s incredibly brief write-up of the new handset deemed “the unit itself is extremely solid and the touchscreen is very responsive.”

A video sent to N4bb.com and uploaded to YouTube shows the phone in action and that touchscreen responding to whoever owns the finger filming it. It shows that the device is running BB OS 6.1 and that it’s got 3G, CDMA, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also details it’s full name; BlackBerry 9930.

The official announcement is slated for BlackBerry World in May with a launch due in June and July.

Then came the Blackberry Torch 2, the follow up to the even more popular slider from BlackBerry. BGR grabbed what appear to be pictures from the same source as the Bold Torch, while N4bb.com a BlackBerry news site, grabbed a leaked spec sheet, some more pictures and even the suggestion of a new name – the BlackBerry Jennings.

According to the leaked specs it will feature a 1.2Ghz process, come with 768MB of RAM, and feature 8GB of eMMC storage.

There will a microSD card slot as you would expect, a 5 megapixel camera around the back and 720p HD recording for video fans.

It will run BB OS 6.1, but unfortunately only have a 640x480 resolution display.

Then there is the BlackBerry Orlando. This according to leaks is a touchscreen version of the company’s BlackBerry Curve. Details are thin on this one however an photo of the device has appeared online for all to see.

It makes sense for RIM to launch a touchscreen version of the Curve, considering it’s doing the same with the BlackBerry bold, but the dedicated BlackBerry news sites, seem to be unsure as to when this handset is likely to appear.

All that really leaves left is a touchscreen version of the BlackBerry Pearl – which we presume would take the moniker of the Touch Pearl, however there’s no sign of that at the moment, and you would have to ask whether putting a touchscreen on such a small device that also sports a keyboard is a worthwhile investment.

Finally there is also speculation and leaked documents appearing suggesting that it’s a CDMA version of RIM’s upcoming slate device even though the specs show that it’s only got a 3.7-inch screen. It’s going to be called the Touch (although leaked documents have it down as the Torch), and feature a 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of memory, and a 5 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, nobody’s snapped a picture of the device as yet.

Pocket-lint will be at BlackBerry World in Orlando in May. Stay tuned for all the official announcements as they happen.