Video tutorials showing the operation of two unannounced BlackBerry smartphones have turned up on YouTube, only to be yanked back down for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.

The move - presumeably after a request from RIM - to pull the videos from YouTube suggests that we are to expect two new handsets in the very near future, perhaps even at this year’s BlackBerry World conference in May in Florida.

The phones have been rumoured for some time, however the new videos show off some details that we’ve not yet be privy to. 

The Blackberry Bold Touch will sport the company’s iconic Bold design with large QWERTY keyboard however add a touchscreen display on top. Think BlackBerry Torch launched last year, but without the sliding screen.

The Touch, as the name suggests, will be an all touch screen device according to the pictures and most likely be the heir to the BlackBerry Storm, but hopefully with none of the problems.

Some of the tutorial videos can still be found on YouTube, however we suspect that by the time you read this they will have been pulled.