RIM could launch BB OS 7, a new iteration of its operating system, later this year if details on a leaked document are correct.

While RIM hasn’t been coy that it will be eventually merging its current operating system, this is the first time details of when that might happen have come to light.

“According to the 2011 BlackBerry software roadmap, we should see integration begin for OS 7.0 towards the end of November 2011,” cites n4bb.com, a BlackBerry fan site, on breaking the news.

“It isn’t clear if BlackBerry OS 7.0 will be an ‘update’ to 6.1 or if it will be released on newer devices first and potentially rolled out to older devices later,” adds n4bb.com

So could we see a new operating system appear just a year after BlackBerry OS 6 was released? Have your say in the comments below.