You may have seen the pink BlackBerry Curve 3G recently on Pocket-lint, that Research in Motion has released in time for Valentine's day, but thought that your lady was perhaps a bit too classy to be packing a pink phone.

If that's the case then hows about the "Smoky Violet" BlackBerry Curve 3G that has gone on sale courtesy of T-Mobile?

Yep, that's right fanboys - whilst Apple is struggling to add a second colour to its iPhone 4 line-up, RIM is knocking out devices in all the colours of the rainbow. Well, four of them at least. Actually two, and black and white ones - but you get the picture.

The Violet Curve 3G is exclusive to T-Mobile and is available free in all of its high-street stores and online for £25.54 a month with 300 minutes, 300 texts and 500MB of internet, along with the unlimited BlackBerry service, which includes BlackBerry Messenger.