Amosu Couture, an expert at covering a wide variety of electronic gadgetry with precious substances, has just announced that it has slapped a gold coating on the BlackBerry Bold 9780.

The company has previously coated the 9780's predecessor, the 9700, in gold; and where the 9780 saw improvements of a 5-megapixel camera and 512MB of RAM over the old model, Amosu Couture has decided to up the gold factor for the later device by covering the keyboard as well.

One element that Blackberry fans, and gold lovers for that matter, might want to consider is how the new 24ct. coating will affect the typing action, but then if you're prepared to spend £1250 for one fresh out of the box, or £550 for an existing handset, we can only guess that functionality is a secondary consideration.

And if you don't want your BlackBerry in black, but gold isn't your thing, you could always make do with the white version. Now, how much was that BlackBerry PlayBook going to cost again?