Okay, so the first question that's popped into your head is most likely along the lines of: "It's not 2002, so why the heck is RIM bringing a clamshell flip-phone to the table?"

Well, let us take a look at what the product manager for the BlackBerry Style 9670, Randy Carson, had to say regarding just that:

"Our market research has shown that there are a lot of people that prefer a flip form factor. They feel most comfortable opening the device to answer a call, and closing to hang up. They also like being able to close the device and know they can put it in their pocket or purse and not have to worry about accidental dialling. Being able to discretely check the external display screen to see incoming messages is also a great feature afforded by the form factor".

So there you have it, now we can move on and see what the phone has to offer apart from a neo-retro design.

Carson explains, via the BlackBerry blog, that the device is "an extension of the BlackBerry smartphone product line in a new form factor". By new we think he actually means different as there's definitely nothing new about the design.

The 9670 has a both external and internal displays. It also combines control options with a full QWERTY keyboard and also a trackpad.

On board you'll find GPS, Wi-Fi b/g/n, a 5-megapixel camera with video recording capabilities, 512MB of internal memory and an 8GB microSD card.

Most excitingly though, the handset will ship with BlackBerry 6 meaning the Webkit browser, simplified setup and navigation, universal search, and the new Social Feeds application.

There's no official details as to when the BlackBerry Style 9670 will be hitting the shops but, as always, check back on Pocket-lint for updates.

If BlackBerry is already giving the phone exposure on its blogs, then we can't imagine that a launch is too far off.

Also, check out the Style 9670 in action in these videos.