RIM has confirmed to Pocket-lint that QNX and the BlackBerry OS will eventually become a single symbiotic entity in the future.

Although refusing to be drawn on the specifics of when that future might be, Alan Panezic, vice president platform product management, told Pocket-lint that such a move would be a "logical conclusion".

The executive's comments line-up with a number of other BlackBerry bigwigs that are also hinting and confirming what most people expect to be the eventual outcome.

“There’s no reason to rule it out”, Alan Brenner, senior vice president, BlackBerry Platform, told Bloomberg in an interview at the conference.

The news agency is reporting that RIM’s senior management has signalled that such a move might make sense, though the company hasn’t announced plans.

Meanwhile website IntoMobile states that an unnamed RIM VP has confirmed to them that the QNX operating system would, "be finding its way to smartphones in the long run, and ultimately replace the existing BlackBerry OS" adding that the VP suggested that we should expect BlackBerry 7 as a likely stepping stone before a full switch.

Talking more to Research In Motion spokespeople at the company's DEVCON event in San Francisco, it's clear the company hasn't formulated a definitive answer on whether QNX and BB OS will be merged.

As for a definitive answer as to will it/won't it, RIM is currently staying quiet.