We've already had confirmation that Research in Motion is bringing its new BlackBerry OS 6 to other handsets aside from the BlackBerry Torch, but now we've managed to grab some hands on time with the new OS on the Pearl 3G, the Curve 3G and the Bold.

The official line is that BlackBerry OS 6 will be coming to any GSM handset that the company offers, around the world, that sports 256MB of memory or above. For CDMA, that's Verizon, phones it's any handset that has 512MB of RAM or above.

We had a brief play with the new OS 6 on the Curve 3G, the Pearl 3G, and the Bold and although they weren't the final build, BlackBerry users will be pleased with what is coming.

Scrolling through the menus is quick, the social feed element is fun, and there isn't anything that has been toned down here, although you don't obviously get touchscreen support.

RIM says that the new OS will be available in the next couple of weeks, but will depend on your operator as to when you'll get it after they've done the usual round of testing.