RIM has launched its new tablet, the BlackBerry Playbook, and along with it is showing off a promo shot of a video call in action between a father and a new-born baby.

It's understandable; the new PlayBook tablet features two cameras, front and back facing, but what's the app it's running on?

Hints from BlackBerry staffers at DEVCON in San Francisco are suggesting that it's the massively popular BlackBerry Messenger service that has over 35 million active users and could be about to get video calling in the near future. Just in time for the launch of the new tablet in early 2011.

The app would be the perfect launch vehicle of the new offering, not only allowing RIM to go up against Apple in the video calling stakes, but leap frog Apple's fledging service at the same time.

The comments come as the company launched a new version of BlackBerry Messenger with more "social" elements in the works.

Developers will now be able to programme the video application into their own applications more seamlessly, RIM has confirmed.

Could they be about to get video calling as well? Time will tell, but with the rumoured Storm 3 featuring a front facing camera you wouldn't bet against it.

We will keep you posted.