When your touchscreen only flagship smartphone isn't smart enough for your all singing all dancing new operating system you've got a problem.

RIM, the makers of the BlackBerry Smartphone, have it seems moved to update the BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) with a new beefier model - the BlackBerry Storm 9570.

Although the move has yet to be officially confirmed by RIM, that hasn't stopped a spy shot of the new smartphone being caught in the wilds on the internet.

Rumoured to be launching in October, the BlackBerry Storm 9570 will be the CDMA answer for a touchscreen device with OS 6 claim bbleaks.com who've got their hands on the details.

The 9570 has 512mb RAM, a 5MP camera, OS 6, and most likely a 624Mhzprocessor.

The 9570 will keep the current Storm2 9520/9550 form factor and continue to use the SurePress, Piezo touchscreen technology.

It also means that if you are getting technical about these things, the image of the Storm 3 we showed you earlier in the week could in fact be the Storm 4.

Either way with its CDMA aerial it will be destined for Verizon once again.

No word as to whether that means a Vodafone UK release. 

UPDATE: More pictures have turned up thanks to BBLeaks.com

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